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Deposit $50 today and get 40 deposit rewards spins to spend on Lucky Neko, a hugely popular slot that’s been buzzing since its release!

The Lucky Neko slot has a Gigablox feature which allows you to create a huge 4×4 image on a realistic Japanese drawing room floor. It’s very powerful and explosive, so don’t miss this opportunity to try it out!

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Agent Destiny

Synonymous with stylish slots!

The Saturday Deposit Reward Spin eligible slot is Agent Destiny, a stylish American comics-style slot. The cool background music and the fast pace of the game, with randomly linked patterns, is a nice touch! You can get 30 spins for a $30 deposit… ♪

Weekend in Vegas

Lots of realism in Las Vegas!

The slot for Sunday’s deposit rewards spins is Weekend in Vegas, which gives you a pseudo-trip to Vegas with ease. It’s pure fun in the comical world of the blockbuster movie The Hangover……………………………………………Get 40 spins with a $50 deposit!

At Mystino, you can earn a specific number of cash spins every day by making a deposit (i.e. Deposit Reward Daily Spins). In order to be eligible for Deposit Reward Daily Spins, you must have finished wagering an amount equal to the minimum deposit of your previous Deposit Reward Daily Spins. If you make a withdrawal before meeting this amount, you will not be entitled to receive your Deposit Reward Daily Spins for a period of 5 days from the next day, regardless of whether or not you have used the Deposit Reward Daily Spins you have earned. Once you agree to receive your Deposit Reward Daily Spins, you cannot cancel them. The Company reserves the right to take action in the event of repeated abuse.
Every day until 23:59 (GMT) is the deadline for you to earn your Deposit Reward Daily Spin by making a deposit. Deposit Reward Daily Spins earned by making a deposit can be used for 24 hours from the time they are earned. Unused Deposit Reward Daily Spins will expire and will be forfeited unless they are used within 24 hours of being earned. Once you have started using your Deposit Reward Daily Spins, they can be used for 24 hours from the time you start using them.
In the event of any inconsistency between the Japanese and English versions of such terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail. Bonuses and spins can only be used once for each household, family, address, email address and IP address. Mistino reserves the right to modify, cancel, withdraw or refuse promotions at its sole discretion. Mistino’s General Terms and Conditions of Use apply.


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